The concept of work

Our main goal is to provide small children with impaired development of high-quality comprehensive therapy and support for the whole family. We are taking care of children with intellectual, physical, conjugated disabilities, genetic defects and autism. We are helping parents, for who psychological support and help in upbringing and the effective stimulation of the child development are needed.

According to the ICF concept – the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health – we assume that the family is an integral whole and the most important environment that can provide the small child with the best development conditions and its optimal level, as well as the path that leads to it, are for everyone individual and different. We also assume that the basis of effective therapeutic interactions is to build a good relationship with the child to make him feel safe, understood and involved in therapy. We create a personalized therapeutic program based on the recognition of developmental deficits, opportunities, strengths and interests of the child. The diagnostic and therapeutic process is carried out by a team of therapists and parents closely cooperating with each other.