The Maltese Centre of the Assistance
of Disabled Children and Their Families

Small child therapy
conducted in a relationship-based
development approach

About Maltese Center

Maltese Center of Early Intervention

It provides comprehensive therapy for children from birth up to 7 years at risk of disability or with disabilities and their families. It is providing free services under the contract with the National Health Fund (Department of the Daily Rehabilitation for Children, Mental Health Clinic, Autism Clinic, Speech Therapy Clinic), Child Development Early Support and the PFRON project.

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Non-public Special Kindergarten of the Association of Polish Knights of Malta

It provides education, care, upbringing and therapy to children with special educational needs. Children are admitted on the basis of a statement about the need for special education.

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Maltese Volunteering Center

It has been operating for several years and involves a large group of people who help during therapeutic activities conducted by our therapists. Selfless help for our children is provided by volunteers from Poland and foreign countries.

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